Research at MoSAR

Our aim is to improve understanding and quantification of feed efficiency, resilience and robustness of ruminants to make better use of resources through livestock farming and limit external supplies.

Our research activities aim at producing biological knowledge and metrics, at different levels of organisation and time steps. They also aim at producing innovative models for integrating knowledge, interpreting data and producing diagnostic tools. Our scientific strategy integrates in vivo, in vitro and in silico approaches and uses the goat as an animal model and as target species.

The two main research axes of MoSAR are:

- Axis 1: Understand feed efficiency (FE) to better quantify and manage it

- Axis 2: Understand the relationships between FE, resilience and robustness to identify levers for actions toward sustainable feed efficiency

The animal level is the common level of organisation targeted by our research activities, either considered as a system or as a component of a system.

Modification date: 20 June 2024 | Publication date: 16 January 2018 | By: MoSAR