Systemic modeling applied to ruminants


MoSAR is a mixed research unit (UMR) between INRAE and AgroParisTech, located in the new campus Agro Paris Saclay (Palaiseau, France), with an experimental facility at Grignon (78850).  It is attached to the INRAE center of Ile-de-France Versailles-Saclay and Université Paris-Saclay.  MoSAR came into being on the 1st January 2010, prior to this the unit was called “Physiologie de la Nutrition et Alimentation”.  The unit has a long-standing expertise in ruminant nutritional physiology and feed evaluation, applied to dairy goats, as well as in systemic modelling of animal physiology and biology.  Since becoming MoSAR, the scientific objectives of the research unit have evolved to give the systemic modelling a more central role, together with a clearer focus on the characterisation of phenotypic variation in the acquisition, transformation and allocation of nutrients to different life functions. 

Team Director:  Laurence Puillet

Deputiy Directors: Christelle Loncke, Rafael Munoz-Tamayo and Masoomeh Taghipoor

Team members

Scientific staff


Berthelot Valérie


Boval Marilyne


Duvaux-Ponter Christine


Erhard Hans

 Loncke Christelle

Martin Olivier


Munoz Tamayo Rafael

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Puillet Laurence


Robert Pierre-Emmanuel


Schmidely Philippe


Taghipoor Masoomeh



Technical staff

photo JPB Bonte Jean-Paul (farm)
 Charef Meriem (lab)
Photo CE Eyma Cindy (secretariat)
photo AE Eymard Alexandra (farm manager)

Lesage Dylan (farm)


Loquet Rémi (farm)

Photo LS

Sourgens Loïc (farm database)



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